A Collection of Words

This is one bear that is sure to have a good time.

Welcome. I’ve decided to start a proper blog as a catalog for things I write. As fair warning, I tend to not write anything happy. My writings can be esoteric, pretentious, or nonsensical. It’s really just a crapshoot. Sometimes I get ideas to write thing, and I write them. Sometimes they are self contained, sometimes they are more multi-chapter flavor. However, I cannot garuntee anything that is multi-chapter will be finished, or when new chapters will even be added. My attention span is a fickle thing, and I can go months without feeling like writing a thing. Be that as it may, I appreciate if you do take the time to take a gander. I include content warnings for anything that may upset a reader, so take heed if you are sensitive to matters.

Laters. I’m out.


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